About Us

Evan Murdock has been playing music in Madison since 2000; beginning with the Lonesome Rogues during their 6 year tenure at the no-longer-extant Wonder's Pub (now home to the Alchemy Cafe), then with the Kentucky Waterfalls, and finally striking off solo in 2011. During that time his songwriting has evolved from, well, not happening, to being the primary focus of his musical efforts. His songs run the gamut from soulful ballads to up-tempo dancers, and touch on subjects like love, loss, and dinosaurs. Though he strives to bring a fierce dedication to his craft, Evan is easily distracted by shiny objects and laser pointers.

The Imperfect Strangers are a rag-tag amalgam of ruffians and roustabouts held together by their dedication to music and beer. They include:

Aaron Jossart, the officially unofficial band director, accordion curator, and gallophile. In addition to his keyboard and vocal prowess, Aaron can class up any situation with a few well-placed French phrases, such as "Qui a laissé cette semence de mangue dans mes sous-vêtements tiroir?".

Liz Stattelman-Scanlan, the newest member of the band, who comes to us by way of the Oak Street Ramblers. Liz is competing for the title of "band member who looks best in a dress" but there's still some controversy. 

Colin Good, who's both a drummer and a lawyer but we love him anyway. He lives next door to Aaron and so hosts the 24/7 live video feed of Aaron's living room, which is creepy. 

Patrick Logterman, host of TV's Logterman Hour and long-time whipping boy for the
Cork and Bottle String Band, rounds out the lineup on the upright bass. When he isn't performing with us, Pat spends likes to spend time with his cats in his skull-shaped mountain lair.