Update: Spring 2021

Hi folks. This might be news to some of you, but it's been a heck of a year. Among other things it has now been more than a year since we were able to play live, and something like 6 months since we were able to practice outside. Speaking for myself and the rest of the Strangers I can tell you that we miss it something fierce. 

The good news is that things seem to be looking up, and we have booked a slot at Tyranena Brewing for August 21st. The idea that we'll all get together again soon seems almost surreal but we'll be there and we hope you will to. 

Until then, stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy. We're all in this together. Can't wait to see you all again. 


Evan Murdock and the Imperfect Strangers

Animals - Released 2017

Evan Murdock grew up with two favorite records - Pete Seeger, and the Songs of The Humpback Whales. Try though he will, he's utterly failed to live up to the standards of either of those great singers, however lately he's been backed up by a number of fantastic musicians who have managed to make his songs sound pretty good.

The summer of 2017 brought the release of the long-awaited second record from Evan Murdock and the Imperfect Strangers.  Animals is a departure from the folksy feel of Feel Bad No More, gritty and textured, but with the same honest roots. Buy it soon!

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Evan Murdock - Solo

Ancora Coffee, 112 King Street, Madison, WI

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